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Buying a home comes with enough surprises. Trusting In and Out Home Inspection helps add some peace of mind to the tricky process!

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In and Out Home Inspection serves the greater Akron area. Our team goes above and beyond traditional standards. We structure a thorough inspection procedure to provide the assurance you need to make a significant decision like home ownership. Using a multi-step inspection process, we provide clear, plain-speak reporting to ensure that your home is safe for occupation. By adhering to, and exceeding industry standards, your needs will be met for title and purchase documentation.

Whether you are aspiring to be one of Ohio’s more than 5 million homeowners, investment property ace, or looking for the perfect up or downsize home, In and Out Home Inspection would love the opportunity to earn your business. Homes hide many hazards that can bring down the value, pose harm to our loved ones, or threaten costly structural issues down the line. In and Out Home Inspection aims to catch these issues before they become YOUR problems. There are countless home inspection companies seeking to work with you, so what makes In and Out Home Inspection any different? Well, in addition to our Ohio Licensed Home Inspector and thorough reporting, we offer unparalleled services.

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Our Home Inspection Services

General Home Inspection

Structural damage may not always be visible to the untrained eye. Oftentimes, structural repairs can cost a homeowner anywhere from $5,000-$30,000. Trust our experts and their years of collective experience to identify foundational, roof, framing, and many more common inconsistencies that may empower you to negotiate the bottom line of your dream home.

Asphalt roofing can degrade significantly over a lifespan of 15-20 years. By assessing the wear on your home’s roof, we provide an estimate of the health of your roof, and establish a timeline during which your family will be protected and sheltered from the elements.

Water Damage

Water damage is an extremely common, and easy to hide deficiency in a home environment. Left unchecked, water damage can spread through the wood framing of your home and cause significant structural damage and even promote the growth of mold and other hazardous microbes.

By examining common areas of damage and water collection, In and Out Home Inspection’s team of experienced professionals will identify potential risks and existing issues that may indicate or threaten long term water damage. Restoration and repair services addressing water damage can often be some of the most expensive home work to complete. Trust in our team of experts to help you avoid more costly contract work down the line.

Electrical Inspection

The median age of homes in the US is 41 years. Electrical technology has come a long way in that time, but your dream home may have been left in the past! Faulty, out of code, or even amateur wiring can pose a massive threat to your safety over a period of home ownership. Safety and integrity are our primary goals when assessing the overall grade your home will score on electrical modernity. Our team will ensure that GFCI outlets are properly installed in the right locations, and analyze whole-house wiring and panel box to validate proper installation and updates.

Mold and air quality

Basement or first floor dampness is a way of life with the fluctuating Ohio weather. Left unchecked, this dampness can lead to one of the hardest to spot, yet most hazardous health risks to family and pets. Hidden mold can be a smelly, or worse, toxic hazard to navigate in your new home. Typically indicative of a drainage or moisture issue, mold growth is identifiable through a standard holistic home inspection we conduct on every home. Rather than letting this home invader grow on you, we give you the tools you need to eliminate mold before it leads to more issues.

HVAC Inspection services

Everyone has heard the horror story of an air conditioner or heater going out at the peak of our Ohio seasonal extremes. With an average of 10-20 year lifespan, HVAC integrity can be quite a gamble as a new homeowner. In and Out Home Inspection’s multi-point HVAC inspection process can identify the health and age of your heating and cooling system and allow you and your family to breathe easy knowing you have years of comfort ahead in your new home.

sewage and plumbing

From leaky faucets to clogged pipes, sewer issues make up a huge portion of common issues found in homes of all ages. Some of these issues can easily be spotted, while others may be completely invisible until it’s too late! Old plumbing and shoddy retrofits could leave you in the deep end. Trust our professionals to use contemporary imaging technology and established techniques to help keep you high and dry.

Home inspection doesn’t stop inside the home either! Drainage and external sewer lines are often part of your responsibility as a homeowner, and overlooked due to their invisible nature. Ohio winters can be tough on external piping; frozen ground and the expansion of contraction of materials can cause degradation and system failure. Part of In and Out Home Inspection’s process includes visual checks and tests to validate the integrity of your external sewage systems.

Professional Home Inspectors

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Cosmetic concerns aren’t the only thing that may tip you off to issues with your prospective home. Though they can often indicate deeper issues, aesthetics are the first sign of home degradation. Due to the length of time we spend in our homes, and the technology we have to maintain and protect them during our lifetimes, home inspection is an incredibly important part of the home buying process. In and Out Home Inspection would be honored to serve you, and the families of the Greater Akron area, and prove to you why our services, team, and dedication are unmatched in our industry.