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What Home Inspectors Should Check For

Let’s start with a tale as old as time. A resident buys a 3-story home old enough that a friend expressed concerns about plumbing. “If there’s anything wrong, it will be found in the home inspection” said the buyer. Months later, the living room ceiling crashed to the floor from the weight of water damage.

Your average home inspectors typically do 3 things to inspect the plumbing of a home. They check if water runs from the taps, if drains are emptying properly, and if toilets flush. In and Out Home Inspections goes the extra mile.

  • Determining what kind of pipe supplies the house and what runs within the house to determine potential causes for concern

  • Investigating above-ground, exposed plumbing, including the shut-off valves and traps under kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room sinks

  • Ensuring water temperature coincides with manufacturer recommendations
  • Checking water pressure to ensure proper flow and if not, determining if it’s an isolated incident or home-wide

  • Examine fixtures, supply lines, and drains
  • Inspecting the hot water supply and determining the type of system at use

  • If applicable, investigate crawl space and determine if piping is supported properly

Home Inspector Ohio

As you might expect, different environments have varying elements to analyze. For example, Ohio can have some pretty intense winters. Due to this, pipes must be properly insulated to keep from freezing. When our Ohio home inspector, Greg, comes out for the inspection, he’s sure to check this off the list.

Maryland Home Inspections

Here’s another solid consideration when it comes to plumbing inspection services: vacation homes. Many Maryland homes are a second home. How does this relate to plumbing? Well, the “average” life span of a hot water tank is 12-15 years. However, if that tank is only used a few months of the year and is still giving off proper temperatures 20 years later, that’s perfectly acceptable. In and Out can determine all of these factors for you. 

Delaware Home Inspection

Home inspection requirements vary greatly from state to state. Our licensed Delaware home inspector, Jason, is up to speed on all standards. If you have any questions or causes for concern throughout the inspection, just ask and we’ll be happy to answer! 

What might seem over the top is just a testament to how in-depth our services go. From plumbing inspection services and foundation analysis to electrical testing services and window inspections, In and Out leaves no stone unturned. When it comes to our clients, whether it’s a new construction inspection or a home from the early 1930s, every detail counts.

Bill – Maryland Home Inspector – Owner of In and Out Home Inspections